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McDermott Glass Studio

 David McDermott
 David's journey in glassblowing began in 1973 under the tutelage of Master Gaffer  Robert Mason from Scotland.
   Learning in the tradition of countless generation of Scottish Masters.
   David gained skills that compliment his natural artistic talent.
   From the early basic steps to today's ability to creat complex pieces, David has cherished the challenges glassblowing offers.

  Commissioned pieces for:                            Pieces on display at:    
   6 U.S. presidents                                            Metropolitan Museum of Art
   Pope John Paul II                                           Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
   Empress of Japan                                           Corning Museum of Glass                                       
   Bank of Scotland
   Henry Kissinger
   Ladies Professional Golf
 Yukimi Matsumoto
 Yukimi was born in Osaka Japan in 1973, graduated at Osaka Designer School specializing in Production Design.
Yukimi went to work at Suwa Glass Studio in Nagano, after two years of apprenticing, she went to work at various studio in Japan, Yukimi decided to attend The Studio at Corning, NY in 1999. Shortly there after, she started work with David at Pairpoint Crystal in MA. David and Yukimi started McDermott Glass Studio in 2002.
 Yukimi's impeccable color selection and soft design are second to none.
She enjoys working with colors which creates the feeling of Nature.