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Front Store Gallery - FLASH SALE

Those are gallery's inventory, can be shipped out within 3 business days with unbeatable prices (not involved with other on-going sales online)! 

We specially created this page just for you, our royal customers, who may not be  physically present in the gallery. We thank you for your many years' support of the gallery! Remember we are still here, online, with you :-) 

Photo 1 ($325. SALE $265.) 8.75"h x 6"d(top) x 7"d(bottom)
Glass Vase by Kenny Pieper

Photo 2 ($435. SALE $335.) 12"h x 7"w
Glass Sculputre by Karen Heart

Photo 3  ($265. SALE $215.) 14"h x 6.5"w
Blown Glass Vase by Matt Seashotrz (has a small opening for fresh flowers)
Photo 4 29"L x 9"H
Glass Sculpture by Robin Evans
Photo 5 ($2380. SALE $1780.) 14.5"h x 10"w
Blown Glass Vessel by Randi Solin
Photo 6 ($785. SALE $635.) 13.5"h x 11"w x7.75"(mouth)
Blown Glass Vase by David McDermott
Photo 7 ($435. SALE $355.) 12.5"h x 7w" x 4"(mouth)
Blown Glass Vase by David 
Photo 8 ($385. SALE $315.) 10"h x 8"w x 5"(mouth) 
Blown Glass Vase by David Leppala 
Photo 9 (Big Vase $355. SALE $285. 20"w x21.5"h)
Blown Glass Vessel by Mark Hines
Photo 10 ($355. SALE $275.) 12.5"h x 5.5"w
Blown Glass Vase by Stephen Gartner
Photo 11 Photo 15 ($155. SALE $115.) 9"h x 8.5"d
Fused Glass Eagle Sculpture by 
Charlotte Behrens
Photo 12 ($135. SALE $105.)  11"h x 9"w x 2d
line: "I live my life in widening Circles that reach across the world"

Photo 13 (  $635. SALE $465.) 22"h x 18"w x 18"d
Handcrafted Metal Table with pattern top by Janet Ugone


Photo 14 (  Lamp Shade Only $185. SALE $155.) 9"h x 13"d
Handcrafted Lamp Shade (Shade Only) by Janet Ugone
Photo 15 ($155. SALE $120.)  8.5"h x 7"w
Copper Art Sea Turtle by Jim Flood 
Photo 16 ($55. SALE $45.)
Pine Needle basket by Melanie Basket

Photo 17 ($75. SALE $55.)
by Melanie Basket
Photo 18 ($49. SALE $35.)
by Melanie Basket
Photo 19 ($55. SALE $45.)
by Melanie Basket
Photo 20 
Handcrafted sliver Necklace by Jan Peyser
Photo 21 ($155. SALE $125.)
Handcrafted Sea glass sliver necklace by Mars